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Invest in Samoa - A Partnership with the Government of Samoa

TRIO Development Enterprise has been tasked by the newly formed Parliament of Samoa to liaison with certain government Ministries to bring in foreign investors as Samoa restructures it's infrastructure. 

The current cabinet under the authorization of the Honourable Prime Minister Fiame Naomi Mata'afa, is formed for the people, by the people of Samoa to develop her country as a self reliant and self sufficient people.

The Honourable Senior Cabinet Member, Leader of the Majority Party (F.A.S.T) and MP of Agriculture & Fisheries has commissioned TRIO and Country Director Siaki "Jack" Lata of MAF Samoa USA to lead the team with the purpose of building and developing economies.


Investing in different sectors, being the first to invest, invent & profit...

Samoa is in a unique position. By changing the government and realigning itself with the western nations such as the USA, Australia and New Zealand, Samoa can begin to develop a free democratic society that is both progressive and accountable to the people as well as those who invest in their development.
   Samoa needs to renovate its Infrastructure. The priorities are the energy sector, the roads, the communications sector, the health sector, development of Agricultural products and seeking markets for these products. After these sectors are brought up to speed, the rest of the country will require development to alleviate the stress on the one major center of the political, education and economic activities of Samoa.  
Apia, the capital is expanding beyond its capacity to handle such a large concentration of population. There is a need to build other towns and expand the government offices and health facilities into the rural areas as well as develop new cities to help keep the populations in place to help populate the service and other industries which will develop with the right investment and planning.

Telecom & IT Sector

Telecome & IT sector

Tourism & Hospitality Sector

Tourism & Hospitality sector

Education sector

Education sector

Transportation sector

Transportation & Infrastructure sector

Energy & Utilities sector

Energy & Utilities sector

Health & Wellness sector

Health & Wellness sector

invest in our Samoa...

Samoa's top priority is to renovate its current Infrastructure.


Top priority sectors are the Energy, Information Technology, Transportation, Communications, Health & Wellness, Agriculture & Fisheries, Trade & Environment, Education, Tourism and the Financial sector. 


As an early investor you will be rewarded for your innovative strategies and trust in the development of Samoa and its people.